Chengro Growth


We are extremely proud to offer quality Chengro Koi Food to our valued customers. All ChenGro foods use the highest grade fishmeal, are easily digested and contain NO fillers. Always fresh.

Spring & Fall (wheatgerm hi-growth) formula is natural vegetable& plant based that is easily digested. High in protein, amino acids & digestive enzymes. 32% protein min.

Growth & Color formula promotes health, growth & color. Increases fish's slime coat & strengthens fish's cells to help fight stress & diseases. 38% protein min.

Maintenance & Staple formula is a complete nutritionally balanced food for daily feedings of Koi & goldfish. High quality natural ingredients to promote good water quality & optimum health of your fish. 34% protein min.


Item # Description Price Points  
CHG02C Chengro Growth/Color - 2lbs. Bag Was $15.95$13.95 40 Add to Cart
CHG05C Chengro Growth/Color - 5lbs. Bag Was $31.85$28.95 80 Add to Cart
CHG10BC Chengro Growth/Color - 10lbs. Bucket Was $65.95$59.95 100 Add to Cart
CHG20C Chengro Growth/Color - 20lbs. Bag Was $109.95$99.95 300 Add to Cart
CHG20BC Chengro Growth/Color - 20lbs. Bucket Was $131.95$119.95 300 Add to Cart
CHG40C Chengro Growth/Color - 40lbs. Bag Was $153.95$139.95 400 Add to Cart
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