Crystal Clear Clarity Max


Crystal Clear Clarity Max

Crystal Clear Clarity Max is designed to restore balance to the pond ecosystem by breaking down organic material that creates problems for pond hobbyists in and around waterfalls, rocks, stream beds, plant pots, pumps and filtration systems. CrystalClear Clarity Max will work quickly & efficiently to clean the pond by reducing sludge in the pond & filtration devices. CrystalClear Clarity Max reduces cloudy water by precipitating organic and inorganic materials. CrystalClear Clarity Max has been field and laboratory tested by some of the top names in the water gardening industry and has achieved a very good reputation with water gardening experts across the nation.

Prior to using CrystalClear Clarity Max, these conditions must exist for best results:
* pH of water maintained between 6.5 & 9.0
* watertemperature above 60°F (15°C)
* Dissolved oxygen levels above 3 PPM (3 mg/l)

Standard Application Rates
* ¼ cup treats 1000 gallons
* ½ cup treats 2000 gallons
* ¾ cup treats 3000 gallons
* 1 cup treats 4000 gallons


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