EasyPro Pro-Series Skimmers


The surface skimming action of these Easy Pro Pro-Series Pond Skimmers removes leaves, pine needles, grass clippings and other debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pond.

They are also creatively hidden in your landscape by placing our simulated rock cover over the top of the skimmer.

These skimmers actually act as a pre-filter to other filters by removing solids before they can reach and clog the second filter (most likely your biological and mechanical filter).

Choose from the small or large skimmer, based on your specific needs.

This skimmer also works well with the EasyPro AquaFalls units, which are also available in our online store.

These skimmers also have a removable center divider; one for filtering and one for the pump!

Pumps can be inspected or removed without removing mesh net or filter pad!

These Easy Pro pond skimmers have a flange above the opening where water enters from the pond into the skimmer.

This allows you to not only stack rocks along side of the opening but also above the skimmer opening.

This makes Easy Pro skimmers the most natural looking and easiest to hide!

See our pond starter kits that include this skimmer.

You can also purchase an optional UV upgrade for the small skimmers.

That's right, you can actually integrate a UV with your skimmer! No need to retrofit your existing pond plumbing.

The 36-Watt UV upgrade is extremely easy to install.

  • Mini Skimmer Dimensions - 20" long X 15" wide X 19" tall
  • Small Skimmer Dimensions - 28" long X 18" wide X 20" tall
  • Large Skimmer Dimensions - 42" long X 20" wide X 30" tall


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