Tetra Pond Sticks


Tetra Pond Sticks

Tetra Pond Sticks are a highly-digestible nutritional food especially developed for all pond fish, including the most expensive goldfish and Koi.

The food sticks provide complete dietary requirements.

TetraPond Food Sticks gradually soften on the surface of the water and are quickly consumed to provide a very high rate of digestibility.

They contain a balance of protein, fats, fibers, and other ingredients to meet the specific needs of all coldwater pond fish.

The extruded food stick form ensures a complete and easy digestion of these important nutrients.


Item # Description Price Points  
TETRA-1 Tetra Pond Sticks - 3.53oz. Canister Was $8.80$8.00 20 Add to Cart
TETRA-2 Tetra Pond Sticks - 1.72lbs. Box Was $16.50$15.00 40 Add to Cart
TETRA-3 Tetra Pond Sticks - 2.53lbs. Bucket Was $27.50$25.00 70 Add to Cart
TETRA-4 Tetra Pond Sticks - 3.07lbs. Box Was $30.80$28.00 80 Add to Cart
TETRA-5 Tetra Pond Sticks - 6.61lbs. Bag Was $39.60$36.00 100 Add to Cart
TETRA-6 Tetra Pond Sticks - 11lbs. Bag Was $82.50$75.00 200 Add to Cart
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