AlphaONE MegaSystem 3


AlphaONE MegaSystem 3

AlphaONE MegaSystem 3 is the latest innovation from GCTek, the recognized leaders in Koi pond filtration. These world-class pond filtration systems provide complete biological and mechanical filtration for Koi ponds up to 25,000 gallons! Everything on the MegaSystem 3 is 3" -- not 2" like most systems on the market today. If your goal is to move lots of water with minimal energy usage, the MegaSystem 3 is the system for you! Each MegaSystem 3 comes with your choice of an AlphaONE or AquaBead 9.3 LH Filter, 3" PerformancePro Artesian Pro Pump 3/4-112 Low RPM Pump, and Zapp Pure 40 UV Sterilizer, and 3" stainless steel pre-filter. All equipment is preplumbed and mounted on two all-weather pads measuring 36" x 96". A variety of pumps are available for these systems to help suit your specific needs.

* Provides complete filtration for Koi ponds up to 25,000 gallons
* Choice of AlphaONE or AquaBead 9.3 LH Filter
* Low Head (LH) Multiport Valves for minimal head loss
* PerformancePro ArtesianPro 3/4-112 Pump
* Zapp Pure 40 UV Sterilizer
* Preplumbed on two 36" x 96" all-weather pads
* 3-inch plumbing throughout
* 3" plumbing throughout system for maximum flow rates

* Optional 3-inch Pre-Filter coming soon! (not included)

A variety of pump options are available for this system. We would be happy to help you decide on the right one for you. Buy with confidence from one of nation's leading retailers for quality GCTek pond products.


Item # Description Price Points  
AMS3-A1 AlphaONE MegaSystem 3 w/AlphaONE 9.3 LH Filter Was $8,612.95$7,751.95 7700 Ships 4 Free
AMS3-AB AlphaONE MegaSystem 3 w/AquaBead 9.3 LH Filter Was $8,612.95$7,751.95 7700 Ships 4 Free
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