Pond Filtration

Pond Filtration

Since every pond is unique, an aquatic ecosystem all unto itself, the truth is there is no universal best answer regarding which filter is best for every pond. In many cases, particularly with smaller ponds less than 2,500 gallons in volume, a quality economically-priced filter can offer comparable performance to more expensive units designed for significantly larger ponds. Simply put, the biggest, fanciest, and most-expensive commercial filter on the market may not be the best option for your pond.

We not only sell pond filters; we also conduct extensive onsite testing and install filters for our retail customers on a regular basis. So unlike many of our competitors, this means we offer hands-on experience and knowledge with virtually every commercial filter on the market today.

Based on our experience, there are four primary factors every pond owner should consider before deciding which pond filter is right for their specific needs.

1. Performance – A pond filter must be powerful enough to handle your pond’s size, total water volume, and anticipated stocking rate. The filter you choose should also be able to handle the flow rate of your existing pond pump and plumbing setup.

2. Ease of Maintenance - A pond filter must be easy to maintain, requiring minimal time and effort. Routine maintenance tasks, including backwashing of bead filter systems, should be easy for even most novice of pond owners and require minimal time – ideally less than 15 minutes.

3. Cost – A pond filter should be affordable. Too often, many of our competitors seem to push only the “biggest” and so-called “best” (most expensive) filters when, in all honesty, more affordable filter systems offer comparable performance for the pond owner’s specific needs. Quality filter systems are currently available to fit virtually any budget.

4. Warranty/Support – This factor is often overlooked by many of our competitors. Not here. Service AFTER the sale is what we’re known for. If you have any problems with a product purchased from us, simply let us know. One of our experienced staff members will be happy to provide any assistance you require. If a defect is found, we will contact the respective manufacturer on your behalf to resolve the issue in the most expedient manner possible.

As we often tell our customers, when it comes to pond filters you really do get what you pay for. There is definitely a quality difference when comparing many budget-priced filters to larger, more-powerful units. Top-tier filter systems, including Advantage Bead Filters, AlphaONE Filters, and Nexus Eazy Filters, generally offer superior performance, require far less maintenance time, and offer significantly better warranties than most budget-priced filters currently on the market.

For many pond owners, however, a quality economically-priced filter may be the best option. While requiring more effort to maintain, in the end, many of our customers find the lower initial cost to be well worth the added maintenance workload. The lesser performance capabilities of budget-priced filters often go unnoticed as well, which is especially true for smaller ponds with relatively low stocking rates. Many manufacturers also offer smaller versions of their respective filters, which offer similar performance and warranties as their larger units at a more affordable price.

Some of our best selling and recommended pond filtration systems include;

  • Genesis Filters
  • AquaBead Filters
  • Elite Filters
  • AlphaONE Filters
  • Nexus Eazy Filters
  • Ultima II Filters
  • Evolution EBF Filters
  • Matala BioSteps 10 Filters
  • BioTek Filters
  • AquaDyne Filters
  • AquaLink Filter Tanks
  • Mashimizu Systems
  • AlphaONE Plus Systems

If you would like assistance choosing the best pond filtration system for your specific needs, please contact us. We are here to help!



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