Pond Pumps (Submersible)

Pond Pumps (Submersible)

Choosing the right water pump for your pond can make all of the difference in the world. Just because a pump may cost less to buy, it is not always the way to go.

The most important thing to remember is the electrical usage when looking for a water pump for your pond.

In order to maintain a healthy environment for your Koi pond or water garden, you MUST run your water pump through your filter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So it is important to pick the right water pump for your Koi pond or water garden. Water pumps have variances in electrical usage and electrical costs.

The Benefits of Submersible Pond Pumps.

For understandable reasons, a submersible pump derives its name because it is designed to be placed in the pond, and submerged under the water.

Submersible Pond Pumps are the easiest of all pumps to install. Installations require no more than attaching a hose to the waterfall, or to a submersible filter, and then just drop the submersible pump in the water and plug it in - and you’re ready to do.

Submersible Pond Pumps range in size, or gallons per hour, from 50 GPH all the way up to 50,000 gallons per hour, but for most ponds - pumps anywhere from 350 GPH to 4000 GPH will be sufficient.

We take pride in offer the largest selection of quality pond pumps on the Web at the lowest possible prices. Free shipping is also available on most pumps we carry. Thanks to our ongoing commitment to customer service, we proudly rank as leading retailers for several quality products lines.

Some of our best selling and recommended submersible pond pumps include;

  • Anjon Big Frog Pumps
  • OASE AquaMax Pumps
  • Matala Versiflow Pumps
  • PerformancePro WellSpring Pumps
  • Pondmaster Mag-Drive Pumps
  • Alita AUP Submersible Pumps
  • Pondmaster Mag-Drive Pumps
  • EasyPro TH Series Pumps
  • Alpine Cyclone Pumps

We offer extensive hands-on experience with most pumps we carry so please contact us if you would like assistance choosing the right pump for your specific needs. We are here to help.


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