Floating Fountain Lights

Floating Pond Fountain Kits

Floating Pond Fountain Kits are an excellent way to help enhance the beauty of your Koi pond or water garden. These quality units include a pond jet fountain, pump, and brilliant RGB LED lights. Very easy installation! Simply place in your pond, plug in, and you're done! Creates a truly dramatic effect at night. Fountain will push water 48" high and 40" wide, adding excellent aeration to your pond as well! Includes 32' power cord.

â–ª Product Size: Dia.300mm (Dia.11.8")
â–ª Fountain spray water high 48", wide 40"
â–ª Cord length: 32 ft.
â–ª Rated Voltage: AC12V
â–ª Operating Current: ≤ 250 mA
▪ 48 pcs Super-bright LED,Red/Green/Blue auto fading changing color
â–ª Outdoor/Indoor CE listed Transformer


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