Koi and Pond Nets

Koi Nets (Pond Nets)

A quality Koi net is an absolute must-have for most Koi keepers. Standard Koi nets are recommended for bringing Koi up to the water surface for examination, while Koi sock nets are recommended when physically removing Koi from your pond for treatment or benching. Following this method will greatly help to reduce the risk of injuring your Koi during handling.

To help meet the needs of our valued customers, we offer a huge selection of quality Koi nets from several leading manufacturers.

Some of our best selling and recommended Koi and pond nets include;

  • Loki Koi Nets
  • Smart Koi Nets
  • EA Koi Nets
  • EasyPro Pond Nets

We also offer FREE shipping on many of our best selling Koi nets so buy with confidence without having to fear high shipping costs!


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