Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants and Water Lilies

You have finally finished building the Koi pond or water garden of your comes the fun part! We proudly offer a wide selection of aquatic plants and water lilies at extremely affordable prices. Aquatic plants, including floating water plants and water lilies, make a beautiful addition to any water feature and can help to balance the ecosystem in your pond or water garden. Aquatic plants also help to create a more natural look to your pond while helping to provide a healthy living environment for your pond fish.

Pond and water gardens have increased in popularity and instead of going away from home many pond owners now enjoy "stay-cations" in their privacy in their own backyards. We offer a huge selection of beautiful water lilies and floating water plants which are guaranteed fresh, shipped to your door direct from the grower! Water lilies can add a vibrant splash of color to your pond and will also help attract frogs, dragonflies, and other creatures to help create a true backyard oasis. We offer both perennial and hardy water lilies, both of which are absolutely gorgeous when in bloom.

Some of our most popular floating plants include water lettuce and water hyacinth. Both are extremely popular for use in ponds and water gardens. Besides adding beauty to your pond, many of the lilies and plants we offer also add a great fragrance to your pond, especially at night. Water lilies or lily pads have green leaves that grow along the water edge. These are also extremely popular among our customers. Another benefit to adding water lilies to your pond is they help to provide shade, which helps to keep water temperatures cooler during the hot summer months while also helping to keep green algae under control. Water lilies also help to shield your fish from predators.

Our submersible plants help to keep your pond well oxygenated and also serve as a food source for your pond fish. Marginal plants grow while their roots are in the water and the rest out of water. These make excellent choices for decorating the shoreline of your pond. There are several varieties of marginal plants to choose from including parrot's feather, arrowhead and water iris. Water hyacinths have the fastest growth rate of any aquatic plant. It also as beautiful lavender flowers. When you have a water pond it is important to have aquatic plants. Animals as well as fish and birds will feed off the plants. Having a water pond is a wonderful addition to your garden's landscape that will give you many hours of relaxation and enjoyment.
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