OASE AquaMax Satellite Filter

Satellite Pre-filter for OASE Aquamax SF Pumps utilizing the secondary intake function.

  • Attaches to pump with spiral tubing- 1 1/2" MM recommended
  • Allows solids up to 3/8" to be moved through the pump info the pond filter for removal from the pond ecosystem


  • Hose Connections: 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2"
  • Warranty: 1 Year

OASE AquaMax SF Pumps are the perfect choice for use in any backyard pond or water garden. Covered by a 5 year warranty (the longest in the industry!), these durable energy saving pumps are truly in a class by themselves. Simply put, AquaMax Pumps are the longest-lasting, most energy efficient pumps in the industry. We commonly see these pumps lasting ten years plus without changing impellers or any other replacement parts.

OASE Aquamax SF Pumps are designed to sit directly on the pond bottom and transport dirt, fish waste and other debris to the pond filter. The raised ribs on the pump's outer shell make the pump virtually clog proof. An adjustable secondary pump inlet allows the use of an in-pond skimmer or remote filter attachment that allows you to feed the pump from two different points in the pond.

OASE Aquamax SF pumps may be operated with a dimmer switch to regulate flow. That same technology also eliminates issues that will cause other pumps to fail in situations with dirty or diminished voltage. The Aquamax SF Pumps also feature freeze proof technology that allows the pump to be completely frozen without damaging the pump.

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