Evolution Classic 2000 Filter

Evolution EBF 2000 Filter (Classic Style)


This quality Evolution EBF Filter is in near-new condition and has been used exclusively as a demo piece at various trade shows. Bio media is NOT included with this filter. This unit has been tested and confirmed to work by our staff and is simply being sold to help free up room in our warehouse. Warranty period on this pump is one year, which will be honored by the manufacturer from date of purchase. While fully functional, this unit is being sold as-is via our bargain bin. No refunds or returns on this item.

Peformance specifications for this pump are listed below:


  • Works with low-amp pumps
  • Easy to clean backwash feature
  • Backwashing pressure filter may be placed anywhere on the discharge of the pump (perfect for retrofitting existing ponds)
  • Valve can be hidden in an artificial rock or valve box
  • Bio bead media is designed for use with koi and goldfish ponds
  • Pressure gauge to indicate when to backwash
  • 2” quick-connect fittings on all connections
  • 7 position valve system
  • 1” screened drain for winterizing
  • Heavy duty stainless steel screen prevents large debris from entering media and prevents accidental discharge of media during backwash


Brand new, this pump commonly sells for $395 - $495.

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