Matala Rocking Piston Compressor Aeration Kits

Lake Aeration

Aerating lakes and ponds will increase the dissolved oxygen amounts in the water. Systems that do this will either agitate or stir the water. They can also inject air and pure oxygen into the pond or lake. Aerated lakes provide a cleaner environment for fish. Reduced oxygen levels will ensure the lake or pond is not overrun with aquatic plants. Aerating the water will also help prevent algae from growing because its food source will be disturbed. Destratifiers prevent the lakes water from settling into layers of varying temperature during the summer months.

A compressor on the shore injects air by way of perforated pipes into a diffuser that sits on the lakes bottom. It causes the colder water on the bottom to rise to the surface. The water flows across the surface and eventually sinks down through the warmer layers. The process repeats until the entire lake is an even temperature. Surface spray units, pump and cascade systems or impeller-aspirators will be helpful in the winter months to prevent the surface of the lake from freezing over. To save energy costs, run the system as needed. Checking the oxygen levels in the water is a way to do this. Managing a lake or pond with a quality aeration system will ensure that it will last for many years. We are proud to offer a wide selection of quality lake aeration products from top manufacturers at extremely affordable prices.


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