OASE Pondovac Classic


OASE Pondovac Classic

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Oase Pondovac Classic pond vacuum is an ideal pond vacuum to clean small to medium ponds and water features. It has a powerful 1400 watt electric motor. It comes with an Australian warranty. The pond vacuuming is easy with this vacuum cleaner, its motor automatically restarts after it has drained the waste from its tank.

Oase pond vacuum cleaners have been around for a long time, this Oase Pondovac Classic has been sold previously as the Start series and also as the Pondtec pondovac. This pond vacuum cleaner is the small brother of the Oase Pondovac 4, with its dual chamber. This cleaner only has one, but this will giveyou time to move around without loosing valuable pond water. The Pondovac Classic is a vacuum for ponds and Water Features.


  • Effective Sludge vacuum with 1400 watt motor.
  • Automatic activation / restart and emptying through intelligent device control.
  • 27 litre holding tank. Gravity discharge, no pump located inside.
  • Includes 4 suction nozzles ( Crevice nozzle, algae nozzle, flat nozzle with rubber lip, variable special sludge nozzle (2-10 mm)
  • Includes 4m suction hose.
  • Includes 2m discharge hose and discharge net.
  • Vacuum needs to be higher than pond or waste collection point.
  • Product size 365 mm x 365 mm x 585 mm.
  • Comes with a 2 year guarantee with German engineering.
  • Allows operator to move around pond when the vacuum is draining, auto restart. Great for filtering water back into pond


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