Aqua Meds

Aqua Meds

Aqua Meds quality pond and Koi health products are trusted and recommmended by experienced pond builders and hobbyists.

Aqua Meds produces many of the most popular water treatments commonly used in Koi ponds and water gardens. From quality algae treatments to Koi fish disease and parasite treatments, Aqua Meds makes everything you need to help provide a healthy ecosystem for Koi and other pond fish. Aqua Meds Aqua Medzyme, beneficial bacteria is available in both liquid and dry concentrate form and one of our best selling items. This quality product can help to maximize water quality and improve Koi health. Aqua Meds Terminate Rx is the preeminent malachite green and formalin treatment on the market and trusted and recommended by experienced Koi keepers nationwide.

Some of our best selling and recommended Aqua Meds pond products include the following:

Aqua MedZyme DC

Koi Rx Terminate

Aqua Prazi

Sludge Remover

Ulcer Aid Rx

Health Care Kit


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