Pond Bottom Drains

Pond Bottom Drains

A bottom drain is an essential component to building a proper Koi pond. The quality bottom drains we offer will greatly help to ensure a healthy living environment for your Koi and other pond fish by removing excess fish waste and other debris from your pond bottom. For this reason, we often tell our customers, "the best pond vacuum you can buy is a bottom drain." When used in a properly designed Koi pond, installing a bottom drain can virtually eliminate the need for a pond vacuum.

Many of our pond bottom drains are also available with an integrated air diffuser. Use of an aerated bottom drain will create a powerful vacuum effect in your pond, helping to remove waste and free floating debris while maximizing water quality. Use of an aerated bottom drain may also eliminate the need to add addition pond aeration equipment to your pond in the future.

Most of the bottom drains we carry can be easily installed in both gunite and liner ponds and will connect to standard PVC pipe. If you own an existing Koi pond without a bottom drain and would like add one, we also offer retro bottom drains which offer comparable performance to standard bottom drains without having to cut your liner or drain your pond to re-do your existing cement work.

We take pride in offering the largest selection of quality pond bottom drains on the Web at the lowest possible prices. We also offer free shipping on most bottom drains we carry. Thanks to our ongoing commitment to customer service, we proudly rank as leading retailers for several quality products lines.

Some of our best selling and recommended pond bottom drains include;




  • Rhino Bottom Drains
  • Tetra Retro Bottom Drains
  • EasyPro Bottom Drains
  • WLim Bottom Drains

We offer extensive hands-on experience with most products we carry, so please contact us if you would like assistance choosing the best bottom drain for your specific needs. We are here to help.


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