Air Manifolds

Air Manifolds

Air Manifolds are ideal for splitting air flow between multiple air diffusers while using a single air pump. These quality manifolds are built to last and effectively split air flow between up to 12 air diffusers. Connect to standard 5/8" connection and will split flow into up to six 1/8" connectors. Per manufacturer guidelines, manifolds are not recommended for use with air pumps rated above 40lpm.

These manifolds are recommended and will connect directly to most air pumps including;

  • Hakko Air Pumps
  • Alita Air Pumps
  • Medo Air Pumps
  • Dolphin Air Pumps
  • Evolution Aqua Air Pumps

    We also offer a huge selection of quality pond aeration accessories specifically designed for use in Koi ponds and water gardens. From disc diffusers and air stones to self-sink air tubing, we have the products you need at the lowest possible prices.

    Our experienced staff offers hands-on experience and expert knowledge on most of the products we carry so please contact us if you would like assistance choosing the right products for your specific needs. We are here to help!


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