Pond Heaters and De-Icers

Pond Heaters

While considered to be "cold water" fish, Koi and goldfish do best in temperatures above 65-degrees. In addition to maximizing Koi health and growth, an effective pond heater can also help many pond owners residing in colder climates to enjoy their ponds on year-round basis. Koi pond heaters are also an excellent choice for heat cycling Koi during he quarantine process, which can help to prevent the spread of KHV and other communicable diseases in Koi.

As authorized dealers for several leading manufacturers, we are proud to offer the largest selection of quality pond heater systems on the Web at the lowest possible prices. We also offer FREE shipping on most pond heaters we carry so there is no need to worry about high shipping costs.

Some our best selling and recommended pond heaters include;

  • Elecro Pond Heaters
  • ThermaKoi Pond Heaters

We offer extensive hands-on experience and knowledge of most products we carry so please contact us if you would like assistance choosing the best pond heater system for your specific needs. We are here to help!

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