Elecro Inline Stainless Steel Heaters


Elecro Stainless Steel Heaters

Elecro Stainless Steel Heaters are designed especially for use in Koi ponds and water gardens. These world-class units have been a top seller in the United Kingdom and Europe for several years and are finally available in the USA. Electro Heaters are also ideal for use in quarantine tanks and large aquariums and are far superior to drop-in heaters that tend to last only a short while. Give your Koi the best! Elecro Heaters are truly the "Cadillac" of pond heaters and are offered in both 316 stainless steel models and pure titanium models for saltwater applications. Featuring true digital control and new ultra-efficient long life heating element. Designed for safety and easy installation. PRECISE ALL SEASON TEMPERATURE CONTROL
NEW - External Reversible Flow This will enable the input of water to flow through the Heater from either direction ... NEW - High Limit Thermostat Internal Fail Safe, manual reset thermostat, for positive safety.


Pure Titanium flow Tube

Pure Titanium Element(s)

Digital Temperature Display & Control

External Reversible Flow Switch

High Limiting Safety Thermostat

Integral Contactor / Relay

Circuit Protection Delay Switching

1.5" Unions

This easy-to-install in-line heater has a pure titanium flow tube and elements, ensuring its suitability for use on all kinds of aquatic systems (stainless steel models not recommended for salt water). Highly resistant to fatigue and erosion, it comes fully equipped with digital temperature control, flow switch, safety thermostat and integral contractor/relay. Water can be flowed from either direction.

Wondering which size pond heater is best for your pond? We can help!

There are several factors to consider when choosing a pond heater. As a general rule, you can expect to achieve a 10 degree increase per 1KW per 1,000 gallons of pond volume over ambient temperature. So for example, you would require a 2KW heater to raise the temperature in a 2,000 gallon pond by 10 degrees. For maximum performance, it is recommended to bypass all waterfall returns and use a pool cover when using any pond heater.






Item # Description Price Points  
HSS-1.5-115 Elecro 1.5KW Inline Heater (Stainless Steel) - 115v Was $715.00$650.00 600 Ships 4 Free
HSS-2-115 Elecro 2KW Inline Heater (Stainless Steel) - 115v Was $715.00$650.00 600 Ships 4 Free
HSS-2-220 Elecro 2KW Inline Heater (Stainless Steel) - 220v Was $715.00$650.00 600 Ships 4 Free
HSS-3-220 Elecro 3KW Inline Heater (Stainless Steel) - 220v Was $764.50$695.00 600 Ships 4 Free
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